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We are so excited that you are interested in learning more about Young Marrieds Ministry! We have created a thriving community for young married couples at Covenant Life Church, and we would love for you to be a part of it! Please read below for some FAQs about our ministry or click on the links to your right to learn more about us.

What exactly is a young married couple?

We consider young married couples to be those in their 20s and 30s, but it’s also based on your own personal comfort level and life stage. We have everywhere from newlyweds to couples married 10 years participating in our ministry.

What if we don’t have kids yet?

We welcome all young married couples, whether you’re not planning on having children any time soon or you’re pregnant with your fourth. We believe that our ministry provides great opportunities and lessons for all stages of young married life.

How can we get involved in the Young Marrieds Ministry?

We have many different ways you can get involved in our ministry. We have monthly events, ways to serve, and small group Bible studies monthly. Email McKenzie for more information.